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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

September 26, 2012

CITYPAK distribution begins October 10

The SBK Foundation and High Sierra Sport Company announce The CITYPAK Project — an initiative designed to assist people who live on the street by giving them the equipment to keep their personal belongings safe. 

The inaugural distribution of CITYPAKs is set for Wednesday, October 10 and Thursday, October 11, working with eight service providers who help people living on the street.

Ed Shurna, executive director of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH), assisted The CITYPAK Project with design and distribution plans, including a pre-design focus group involving homeless men and women. Further support was given by the city of Chicago's Department of Family and Support Services. Read More

CCH & Youth build first "One-Square-Meter House" in the U.S.

Under the direction of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) and a professional carpenter, a group of homeless youths have built the first One-Square-Meter-House – officially known as the One-SQM-House  – in the United States.

The first One-SQM-House made its public debut in mid-September, during the Riot Fest music festival in Humboldt Park. CCH was a beneficiary of all tickets sold (at 50 cents per ticket per day) and had a tent staffed throughout the festivalRead More

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Chicago: 105,338 homeless during 2011-12

A new analysis by CCH shows 105,338 Chicagoans were homeless in the course of the 2011-12 school year. This is 12% more than the 93,780 who were homeless a year earlier. 

The total is based, in part, on the rising enrollment of homeless students in Chicago Public Schools (CPS). This includes those who are doubled-up in the homes of others because of hardship, according to Policy Director Julie Dworkin, who prepared the annual report. Read More

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An amended TIF Vacant Building Rehab Ordinance passes City Council, along with first $1 million in funding

CCH and our nine partners in the Sweet Home Chicago Coalition are delighted that the Chicago City Council has enacted the amended TIF Vacant Building Rehab Ordinance.

Along with the amended ordinance approved July 25, the first $1 million for housing rehab projects was allocated in the Ogden/ Pulaski tax-increment financing (TIF) district on the city’s West Side. We continue to work with the city’s Department of Housing and Economic Development to expand the ordinance to other TIFs districts around the city. Read More

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