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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

October 22, 2012

Scholarship winner motivated to succeed

Now settled in at Lake Forest College, freshman Jennifer Salgado-Benz worked hard to make sure she got to go to college at all.

With a 4.3 GPA, Jennifer ranked 4th in her class at Phoenix Military Academy. A softball player, Jennifer also got up at 4:30 a.m. all four years for drill team practice. Since 10th grade, she has worked at a North Shore country club on the weekends and summers, earning money for school and to help her mom with bills.

Knowing she had to find her own way to college, Jennifer competed for scholarships, winning several, including a renewable $2,000 award from the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Read More

Homeless Education Committee runs school outreach

Mothers, students, teachers and community volunteers from our new Homeless Education Committee are busy running outreach at Chicago schools.

They decided to launch fall outreach to raise awareness about the educational rights of homeless students and to learn about the experiences of other students and families. Committee leaders chose schools where they work or that their children attend. They have been to Senn, Rickover, and Orr high schools, as well as Gale Elementary, on the North and West sides of the city.

Outreach has been very successful. Nearly 200 flyers with information about the educational rights of homeless students have been handed out and more than 75 parents and students have been surveyed so far. Read More

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Sweet Home Chicago weighs in on Cook County Land Bank

Cook County is considering the creation of a land bank to convert vacant or foreclosed properties back into productive use. Sweet Home Chicago became interested in the concept of land banks after visiting Cleveland and learning about how a land bank there was used as a tool to create affordable housing.

In July, the Cook County Board voted to create an advisory committee to make recommendations about how a land bank might work in the county. Sweet Home Chicago pushed for a representative on the committee and Julie Dworkin, CCH’s policy director, was appointed to serve. Read More

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