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Editing:October 2015 - E-Newsletter Editing:October 2015 - E-Newsletter
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
May 26, 2016

Six days after passage by the Illinois House and Senate, a $700 million emergency funding bill to pay human service providers (SB2038) was delivered to Gov. Bruce Rauner for his approval or veto.

This important bill would release emergency funding to service providers across Illinois, including those that assist homeless youth, families and adults.

Providers have waited 11 months for the state to pay them for services already delivered, forcing many to close programs, lay off staff, and turn away those who need help. SB2038 would release 46% of the funds that service providers were budgeted to be paid in this fiscal year, which ends June 30. Read More.

Keith Freeman has joined the CCH staff as a community organizer, working with families and adults living in Chicago shelters.

Keith succeeds Dollie Brewer, a senior community organizer who retired after working almost 20 years at CCH.

“I will help build capacity, pick up where Dollie left off, and build new shelter relationships,” he said.

Keith comes to CCH after working nine years as the senior job developer at Career Development, Training and Employment Services. The West Side agency is affiliated with the Chicago Area Project (CAP).

But Keith first worked with CCH a decade ago, when he was living at a West Side shelter. After meeting organizers Wayne Richard and Sybill Hippolite, Keith became a community leader for CCH on the Hospital Accountability Project. Read More.

CCH is proud to be the primary beneficiary of the Niles West and North High Schools' 14th Annual Dance Marathon. Over 350 students from the north suburban schools enlisted the aid of their peers, faculty, and the community to raise an impressive $95,482.51! CCH receives 90% of the funds raised and the rest goes to help fellow Niles students in need.

The students chose to support CCH after hearing from staff attorney Diane O’Connell about the work done to protect the personal property and well-being of those living on the street. Students from both schools volunteered for CCH at events like Riot Fest and the August golf outing. Two busloads of students also travelled to Springfield in April to advocate with legislators for the release funding for homeless youth services. Read More.


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