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Gov Rauner Sign SB2038

Advocates fear Gov. Bruce Rauner will impose delays or even refuse to sign SB2038, which would provide $700 million in emergency funding for human services. He has told the media that he does not want to see funding bills that he described as “a short-term thing” instead of  “a grand bargain.”

Providers have waited 11 months for the state to pay them for services already delivered, forcing many to close programs, lay off staff, and turn people away who need help. 

SB2038 passed in the House and Senate passed with no opposing votes. Though hopeful about this legislation, CCH knows that providers have emptied their coffers to keep core programs afloat. We want state leaders to understand that this is just emergency funding and not the only funding providers deserve to be paid for the services delivered this year, FY16. We will continue to advocate for a complete state budget full funded with adequate revenue.  

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